April Hartley was born and raised in central Florida, into a family of commercial artists who encouraged her creative pursuits from a young age. She learned to sew by her grandmother’s side and spent most days in her parent’s screen-printing shop, where her creative outbursts were celebrated. After a few fits and starts as a college art student, she made a drastic move out west to Denver, Colorado, where she exhibited in local galleries and became classically trained in pattern drafting and couture sewing. Seven years later, fleeing the winter blues, she returned to Florida, continuing her art practice and returning to university. Hartley’s time in the studio there became a significant turning point in her career as she finally introduced her sewing practice into her artwork. Hartley earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with emphases in painting and fiber arts from Florida International University in Miami. Her current practice explores traditional textile methods through a contemporary lens, often from a sociological or deeply personal historical perspective. Her work reflects an appreciation for modernity while longing for tradition and ritual at the same time. Hartley has exhibited work in Colorado, Texas, and across Florida; highlights include, the Museum of Fine Arts, St Petersburg, FL, Miami Museum of Art and Design in Miami, FL, Bernice Steinbaum Gallery at Art Wynwood, Miami, FL, The Projects at FATVillage, Fort Lauderdale, FL, and Studio@620 in St Petersburg, FL, and private collections in the US and Canada. She lives and works by the bay in St Petersburg, Florida, with her husband and two rowdy dogs.